Calibration and Certificate Management

CRS is calibration and certificate management software to help scale dealers and their technicians perform onsite calibrations and enter data directly into a handheld device. As well as having the ability to print calibration certificates from the web-based data management system, CRS provides a secure online asset maintenance history and documented inventory of assets.


  • Eliminates the need to manually create, file, store, retrieve and print scale calibration certificates.
  • Overall efficiency and productivity of your entire business operation is improved.
  • Access to calibration certificates online via a password-protected and secure website.
  • Simplifies and streamlines scale maintenance data.
  • CRS covers all brands of heavy capacity scales, industrial scales and balances.
  • Reduces ISO audit expenses & improves ISO/IEC 17025 conformity
  • Eliminates unnecessary calibrations and ensures all appropriate scales are calibrated.
  • Provides consistency of calibration procedures

Technicians perform onsite calibrations and enter data directly on their tablet. (Click to view larger image)

With CRS, you have immediate access to calibration certificates from a secure web site. This electronic data retrieval system eliminates the time and cost associated with managing a paper-based system. (Click to view larger image)

System Requirements

Click here for a guideline on the minimum system requirements.