Miracle Service

Your Business Is More Than Just Managing Certificates

Miracle Service optimizes the complete scale sale and service lifecycle in ONE world- class Service Management Software Platform.

Weights and Measures Essentials

We know that you work in a highly regulated industry where reliability and efficiency come first.

The following is a list of features that come standard with your Miracle Service software.

Certificate Management & Retrieval System

Paperless Regulatory Certificates and Inspection Forms

When performing on-site calibrations or inspections, technicians are able to input data directly into your centralized database using their tablets or laptops with the Mobile Field Technician Console

Electronic Adobe forms and certificates can then be created, signed and saved quickly and easily right at the customer’s location.


  • Eliminates the need to manually create, file, store, retrieve and print certificates
  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces ISO audit expenses
  • Easy retrieval means superior customer service
  • Simplifies and streamlines maintenance and regulatory data

Customer Self-Service Portal

Do You Require Your Customers to Call Every Time They Need Service or a Copy of their Certificates?

Miracle Service’s Customer Self-Service Portal will improve service to your customers by allowing them to enter service request tickets and access their completed certificates from a secure web interface. Reduce your administrative and overhead costs by providing customers with the ability to enter requests on their own, and at their own convenience.

A self-service portal immediately turns your business into an always open service center, which also helps reduce backlogs that can often occur at the start of each week.


  • Reduce service costs and increase productivity
  • Speed up access to certificates, saving time for both you and your customers
  • Higher level of service for your customers

Mobile Field Technician Console

Streamline your Ability to Close More Service Tickets and Invoice Faster

Don’t wait for your service team to return to the office with paperwork in order to complete a service call and prepare an invoice. Leveraging your technician’s smartphone, tablet or laptop provides real-time access to open service tickets, customer data, service history and more. For businesses that are seeking rapid cost reductions, increased competitiveness and a greater return on their assets, mobile service management software will benefit you.


  • Streamline your operations and avoid duplicate customer entries by accessing and updating customer data, securely and reliably from anywhere
  • Quicker response time to service calls
  • Minimize the amount of paperwork, increasing productivity
  • Increases the accuracy of data collection, ensuring all data is current and completely visible

Technician Scheduling

Ensure your technicians are in the right place, at the right time, with the right parts.

Having immediate access to up-to-date customer contact and equipment information, service notifications, as well as suggested parts will improve your customer experience, reduce callbacks and optimize your service call process.


  • Book a service call in seconds, increasing efficiency
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Reduces risk of callbacks

Service Contract Management

Efficient and simple contract management ensures renewals, updates, and cancellations are properly maintained.

Miracle Service monitors all contracts for you so renewals, updates and cancellations are properly maintained. This automatic organization process keeps your contracts up to date and eliminates lost revenues.


  • Automatic organization eliminates lost revenues
  • See complete financial terms and conditions of each contract
  • See each item under contract including service history, billing information, renewals, items included, labor, travel and more
  • In one click generate profitability analysis for each item, or an entire service
  • Multiple items under contract can be consolidated into one invoice to simplify the billing process for both you and the customer

Billing & Invoice Management

Easily create sales orders and invoices with automatically generated customer, quantity or special pricing.

No matter the type of contract (maintenance or time and material) Miracle Service ensures all open invoices are tracked and month-end invoices are automatically sent to your customers


  • Save time creating sales orders and invoices
  • Never miss an invoice date
  • Never lose service call invoices that may get lost between service calls and invoicing
  • Improve administrative efficiency

Preventative Maintenance

Automate with field service software and keep track of which equipment in your service base is due for preventative maintenance.

Your dispatcher will be able to access what preventative maintenance is due, and whether it’s covered by a contract, so it can be scheduled at the same time as a service call, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Increases efficiency by providing automated, up to date maintenance information
  • Increases customer satisfaction and maintains a positive customer relationship

Inventory Management

Optimize your parts inventory and make sure you have the right part for each job on hand.

Service technicians need ready access to the right parts to be effective. But an overstocked warehouse can become a strain on your financial resources. A balance between parts supply and demand is key – a balance easily achieved through Miracle Service.


  • Improve first call success rates by having the right
  • inventory on hand
  • Accurately monitor parts usage
  • Reduce overhead costs

Management Reporting

Quickly generate valuable technician, customer, equipment and service contract profitability analysis.

Comes with over 130 standard reports to give you the information you need – even send to Microsoft® Excel or Word.


  • Quickly generate valuable technician, customer, equipment and service contract profitability analysis
  • Scrutinize your entire operation – profitability, performance & productivity
  • Export data to Microsoft Word® or Excel®
  • Improve decision making with clear and comprehensive status reports

Document Manager

The solution for managing, finding, and tracking electronic documents.

In today’s information-intensive environment, Document Manager provides you with the convenience of storing electronic files and images directly within Miracle Service.


  • Works with your current business processes without compromising the integrity of any existing electronic
  • Document Management.
  • Attach files to service tickets, contracts, equipment, customers and sales orders.
  • Great for deficiency reports, equipment images, damaged equipment photos, calibration reports or virtually any type of document you choose.

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to our standard features above, Miracle Service offers multiple add-ons to further optimize your businesses efficiency and productivity.

Accounting Exporter Modules

Don't switch your accounting program!

Miracle Service exports to many standard accounting packages so there is no need to switch programs and retrain staff.

Invoices, purchase orders, customer lists, inventory and more are sent from Miracle Service directly to your accounting program.


  • Export maintenance contract billings directly into your accounting system
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating double entries. Export invoices, purchase orders, customers, inventory and more directly to your accounting package*
    * Features vary by accounting package
  • If any of the above information does not exist in your accounting software – not a problem – it will automatically add those during the export process*
    * Varies by accounting package

Sales Team CRM Licenses

Simplify the Management of your Sales Pipeline

This web-based sales force automation tool lets you manage your sales cycle to optimize your prospect pipeline and generate more sales.

Fully integrated, it ensures your business is operating with the same customer and service data, taking you from lead to quote, sale, service, and repurchase.


  • Never drop or lose another lead again
  • Reduce the time and costs spent on re-entering data, and free up valuable time to be spent on more productive tasks
  • No more miscommunication between departments, which are costly to your business and your reputation
  • Power to manage your people and processes more effectively
  • Close more deals


Report Designer

Full Control Over Customer Facing Documents & Management Reports

Personalize customer-facing documents and create new reports.

Modify and create invoices, sales orders, service billing invoices, period billing invoices, purchase orders, service task tickets and custom reports.


  • Full control over your customer facing documents
  • Improve corporate branding with personalized reports
  • Generate management reports that show all the information that you want to see, exactly as you want it presented

Event Manager

Keep Everyone Informed in Your Complex Operations Environment

With the Event Manager you can automate your incident notification and escalation procedures, increasing response time to critical incidents and improving customer satisfaction.


  • Reduce response time of critical incidents
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Keep your personnel informed of exceptions, problems and events

Training & Professional Services

We're here to help you get the most from your Miracle Service software, and to ensure your company is up-and-running, and experiencing the benefits of field service management software as quickly as possible.

Quick Start Training

Whether you are just beginning to learn Miracle Service, are training new employees, or just wanting to see how you can get even more from your system, we have many training options available to you.

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Data Importation

We know that transferring your data into a new system can be cumbersome; leave the converting and importing up to us!

Data can be exported from many applications and easily converted into Miracle Service software. Importation is available for your customer and supplier lists, non-serialized inventory and equipment.

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Customized Consulting

We want you to get the most of your experience with Miracle Service, which is why we offer personalized web-based or on-site consulting services.

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