Have You Ever Seen a Government Inspector Sell a Product?

A government inspection at one of your client sites can be a stressful experience. Part of the issue is that most inspectors will try to unearth something during their visit for the customer to improve upon. They typically have a process, and the more they find the company has trouble producing their requested information, the closer they look for other items that may not be up to standard. That’s the nature of their job.

In most cases, inspectors are well-organized, type-A individuals: they like when information is presented to them in a logical, efficient manner, and they have a sixth sense in their ability to recognize disorganization. In their mind this often equates to a notion that processes are not being followed, and so the inspection begins.  One area you can help your customers immensely with is compiling all of their certificates in one place: your website. Once an inspector sees that your customer takes this process seriously and has a handle on it, it is more likely that the rest of the inspection will go smoothly. Their need to see that an organized methodology has been satisfied.

Of course equipment is not inspected and certified regularly solely to satisfy an inspector. It’s important for health, safety, and commerce reasons as well. Your customer also has a business to run, though. They do not live in a world of weights and measures like you do as the service provider, and these activities are a necessary evil for them. Of course they are important, but it’s not something they look at every day; that’s your job. Showing the customer a more organized and accessible way to manage certificates will give them confidence that your company is the right company for service.

Miracle Service and CRS both have optional customer logins where you can provide your customers, and their inspectors, access to view all of their certificates in one place. This can be the cornerstone for moving clients into a service billing program that is based on a maintenance plan instead of one based on periodic events – and that’s good for your business.