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Have You Ever Seen a Government Inspector Sell a Product?

A government inspection at one of your client sites can be a stressful experience. Part of the issue is that most inspectors will try to unearth something during their visit for the customer to improve upon. They typically have a process, and the more they find the company has trouble producing their requested information, the closer they look for other items that may not be up to standard. That’s the nature of their job. Their inspections often begin with paperwork, so a good place for you to start is to make sure all of your clients’ weights, measures, and certifiable products have been inspected and approved on a regular basis.

Beyond Excel®: Why Certificate Management is an Important Measure of Your Business

How often do you get a call from a client looking for some information, or backup related to their scale certificates? Chances are if they are calling you, it means they are being inspected, audited or are in the midst of compiling some regulatory paperwork. Like most scale dealers, you have probably developed a system […]

New Windows 10 Mobile Version of CRS™

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader for service management software has released new enhancements to its CRS™ Certificate Retrieval System software for scale dealers. The newly released MobileCRS lets scale dealers and their technicians perform onsite calibrations and enter data directly into Windows 8.1 & 10 tablets in the field. Automatic syncing of certificates […]

CRS™ Certificate Retrieval System to become part of the Miracle Service® Management Software Family.

Rice Lake, Wis. March 27, 2015 — CRS™ Certificate Retrieval System will now become a member of the Miracle Service® family of service management software products. CRS is calibration and certificate management software offered by weighing and measurement solutions manufacturer Rice Lake Weighing Systems® to help scale dealers and their technicians perform onsite calibrations and enter data directly into a handheld device. As well as having the ability to print calibration certificates from the web-based data management system, CRS provides a secure online asset maintenance history and documented inventory of assets.