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Have You Ever Seen a Government Inspector Sell a Product?

A government inspection at one of your client sites can be a stressful experience. Part of the issue is that most inspectors will try to unearth something during their visit for the customer to improve upon. They typically have a process, and the more they find the company has trouble producing their requested information, the closer they look for other items that may not be up to standard. That’s the nature of their job. Their inspections often begin with paperwork, so a good place for you to start is to make sure all of your clients’ weights, measures, and certifiable products have been inspected and approved on a regular basis.

Is Your Back Office Service Management System Fast Becoming A Pet Elephant?

Did you know that a fully-grown elephant is capable of um, releasing 300 pounds of “excess baggage” every day? I can’t even imagine the work it took to find that out, or even the scale that may have been used! Apart from the awful visual that may be in your head right now, why is […]

Feature Spotlight/Coming Soon

New Mobile Field Technician Console The brand new Mobile Field Technician Console is almost complete! We will be releasing a BETA version in the next few weeks to select customers for testing. Highlights will include: New Calendar View One-touch buttons for travel and work start/finish times. Responsive design for any screen size. Streamlined workflow Personalized […]

Miracle Service Announces Version of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of field service management software has released the latest upgrade to its Miracle Service product. Highlights include… Technician Time-Off Enhanced the technician time-off feature to consider all time-off types when determining schedule availability. Event Manager New keywords, ability to attached documents to events and more have been added. […]

10 Efficiency-Boosting Tips

1. DON’T LET HIGH FUEL COSTS BURN UP YOUR PROFITS. Driving paperwork back and forth to the customer site can send profits up in smoke. Instead, have your technicians complete work orders in the field, entering data instantly through their laptops or handheld computers. This starts the seamless process of generating invoices right away. You […]

Release Announcement – New Customer Portal

We’re pleased to announce the NEW Customer Self-Service Portal is now available. Built using the latest mobile technology, this add-on is available for Miracle Service (SQL) and forms the development platform for all our upcoming portal releases. More coming this year! Features of Customer Self-Service Portal Responsive Design: Portal looks great on any size screen! […]

Miracle Service Announces Version 9 of its Service Management Software

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader of field service management software has released the latest upgrade to its Miracle Service product. Version 9 (SQL) Now Available Version is available as a free upgrade to all customers with the SQL version of Miracle Service and who have a current monthly or annual membership plan. […]

Beyond Excel®: Why Certificate Management is an Important Measure of Your Business

How often do you get a call from a client looking for some information, or backup related to their scale certificates? Chances are if they are calling you, it means they are being inspected, audited or are in the midst of compiling some regulatory paperwork. Like most scale dealers, you have probably developed a system […]

Is it time to take away company mobile phones from your field service technicians?

Yes! Doing just that will lead to more customer calls per day -and more profits for your business. Its hard to imagine a service technician without a mobile phone today. A few years ago, the primary purpose of the phone was to check in with a tech and direct them from one call to the […]