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Is it time to take away company mobile phones from your field service technicians?

Yes! Doing just that will lead to more customer calls per day -and more profits for your business. Its hard to imagine a service technician without a mobile phone today. A few years ago, the primary purpose of the phone was to check in with a tech and direct them from one call to the […]

3 Industry Changing Trends

Three emerging business software trends are impacting the Weights and Measures service industry on a daily basis. Companies that adopt these trends early can get ahead of the competition….and stay ahead! WHEN YOU’RE ON THE MOVE! Mobile Computing remains one of the most important trends today, and can result in a dramatic ROI improvement. According […]

Powering up Your Field Service

Focal Scale Company, a young but fast-growing scale dealership, has a problem. It can’t keep up with its own success. Using Excel spreadsheets, white boards, sticky notes and fallible human memory to manage an expanding customer base just isn’t working anymore. There have been mix-ups in scheduling, inventory gone astray, slow-downs in responses to customer […]

3 Key Things to Consider When Developing Your Company’s Mobile Strategy

To ensure a happy, satisfied customer base and an efficient field service team, the option of employing mobile technology is no longer considered “nice-to-have,” it has now become a necessity to stay competitive. Here are 3 key considerations when developing your company’s mobile strategy.

Leverage Service Management Software: Going from “Repair” to “Repair or Replace”

There has been a marked difference in the way manufacturers have designed their products over the past few years. Engineers are now focused on reducing manufacturing costs and are building for “planned obsolescence,“ whereby equipment functions for perhaps only a few years – and when that equipment does fail, the cost of service is not much less than buying a new model. This will cause problems for a service company that is built on the concept of “repair” instead of “repair or replace.”