Which label printer can be used with CRS?

There are several options for printing labels from CRS depending on your device and your company’s requirements.

From the office, laptop or Windows tablet:  Using www.CRScerts.com you can print labels of any size to any Windows compatible label printer.  You have the option to print the labels after the calibration from the field, or pre-print before leaving for the calibration visit, more on that here.

From the CRS Windows (universal) App: Print to any Windows compatible label printer to labels sizes of (2.76”x 1.25”)(2″ x 2″) or (2″ x 1.25″) in landscape format.

From the CRS Android or iOS Apps: These apps are compatible with the ZQ Series mobile printers from Zebra Technologies® as well as many ZPL compatible printers.

• Zebra Technologies® Mobile Printers: We recommend using the ZQ510 model.

ZQ510 Label Part#:
LD-R2BF5W (Polypropylene, 2″ x 1.25″)
LD-R2BF5W (Polypropylene, 2″ x 1.25″)

(Note: also works with the Zebra ZQ610 mobile printer with synthetic label stock part#: 10015778, 10015779, 10017577, 10017578).

• ZPL Compatible Printers: Although printing has been tested on Zebra mobile printers only, any printers that work with .ZPL files should work. ZPL printers are provided by many vendors who can help to choose the right printer, label type and provide the ZPL printer software.