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Overcoming Certificate Management Challenges: The CRS Advantage

Overcoming Certificate Management Challenges

We often meet people from promising scale service firms that are filled with talented individuals, but they are usually facing a major hurdle in their growth trajectory—inefficiency in managing and retrieving customers certificates of calibration certificates necessary for their operations. Challenges Faced: These companies grapple with scattered documents, misplaced certifications, intricate calculations, urgent customer requests […]

Assign one or more state certification licenses to your technicians in CRS.

If your technicians are licensed in multiple states, you can now add multiple license numbers to each technician record and set the preferred default.  When performing the calibration, the technician can select the appropriate license number to appear on the certificate. Now available both for the web and mobile apps. In CRS Admin: From the […]

Data Cleaning

Data quality is a key factor in your CRS system.  To keep your data clean, you can remove inactive or obsolete data including old certificates past their storage date to stay within your CRS file storage limit. With the CRS web Admin interface, go to the Admin menu and choose Data Cleaning. The items that […]